Have certain forums gotten too strict?

For instance I wanted to explain a topic elsewhere (on a different forum that I've always been used to in the past before coming here) and for the members to understand, I pasted a brief link attached that related to my topic.

All of the sudden, certain members started acting like the moderators saying that it's not allowed to past a link from elsewhere, how I'm violating the rules... another even send me a link about trolling, very few answering my question. Then suddenly, my post it's removed (I didn't even save it so I can't write it again) saying that I'm not allowed to write a link nor troll... apparently a lot more new rules have been added since late 2015 that I was unawared of. I didn't troll and the only reason I paste a link was to make a short reference and for my post to be understood better.

That site I went to have gotten more stict than ever (before, anyone could past a brief description as long as it relate to your topic), too much to the point that every silly thing is an infraction.


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  • Like all sites rules are always changing and getting updated. Sometimes we have to adapt to change.

  • Yeah.. I just got a question removed because I said Arabs and indians are too rude and asked if GAG should ban them.


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