How can I change @gmail. com?

i signed up for gmail. my gmail address is: example@gmail. com but i wanna change example to xyz. how can i make example@gmail. com xyz@gmail. com?


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  • Just checked out how to do it on my own gmail you have to:
    open your gmail, and click the cog drop-down then settings
    then click on the accounts tab and where it says send mail as click edit info to the right of your name then in the name section enter your new name in the box (click the bulletpoint next to it) and save changes.
    just found that gmail has a method when you click help it's better than mine

    • DID you read the very first line?

      "You can change the name that's linked to your email address, but not the email address itself."

    • @mikemx55 that's what shows up on the to: in the e-mail so it still changes what people will see it as, otherwise you have to get a new account.

    • True. Just said it because he mentioned the xyz@gmail. com example.

  • The way to do it, is to create a new email account, and link it to the old one, so that you would still receive all the messages sent to the other one.