Why do people tease HER about ME?

Ok so the other day i was just strolling along, then as soon as her friend seen me and they said her name really loud to where i could here them as well, in a way like saying, "Look who's here ;)"
Me and her talked sometimes but it was nothing more than talking.

Does that mean she likes me or do friends just like being assholes to eachother?


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  • Both! lmaooo she probably really likes you and her friends are assholes and like to make it real obvious and on the spot and I would know because I have that one friend who loves to do that to me!

    • one of her other friends kept trying to hook me up with her but i felt like he was messing with me. he jokes around too much so i didn't believe him.

    • hmm so then ask him seriously if she likes you keep a straight face


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  • Either she likes you or they think you're crushing on her or they are seeing potential in something you guys don't...

    • as i recall, 2 of her guy friends tried to hook me up with her. one was actively trying to get us together and the other just knew i had a crush on her but wasn't as active like the other was.

  • She probably likes you. My friends do that to me all the time.

    • i think i better make a move then

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