Is it Possible to Have a Dog and a Bird?

Long story short, I've really been wanting to get a dog. Maybe adopt one of those retired greyhounds used for racing or some sort of mid sized spaniel.

But I already possess a diamond dove who resides within a large cage in my bedroom. Occasionally I let her out to roam around my room and play. She is bonded to me.

Now obviously dogs and birds are a bad combination, but is there any way to make this work?

The dog would mostly reside in the yard and in my bedroom. Obviously it would be outside when the bird is free. But would seeing the bird in its cage drive the dog crazy?

How strong is the prey drive and does breed matter? Are there any proven methods for making dogs and birds coexist peacefully together?


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  • I've had a bird, cats and dog before. They were all fine.

    • How did you do it? Did the dogs and cats have a prey drive?

    • Lol no. I pretty much sat my cat when he was a kitten on top of my pit bull's nose. At first she was licking her mouth as if she thought the kitty was a chew toy. So I yelled "no!" And occasionally bumped her nose with a rolled up newspaper.

      She learned to not see cats as toys.

      As for the bird, I got her temporarily after I already had my cat and dog. My cat did try to attack her. I grabbed a spray bottle and would spray him and yell "no!" When he tried.
      He learned fast too.

      And I always let the bird out of the cage. As with my cat and dog. I don't like caging them.

    • Thanks for MH.

      I have a pitbull and I've own plenty of kitties, bird, and rabbit even and she never hurt any of them. At all. She's a sweetheart and is extra careful to not hurt them. They, however, aren't as careful with her though but I train them to.

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  • You can have both, a puppy would be your best bet. Because it would grow up with the bird, it wouldn't see it as prey or anything like that. But I think most dogs would be fine.


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  • Yes, my family has birds and a dog. It's possible, but you need to either separate or closely monitor them.

  • He's a bird dog.

  • No it's super illegal

  • I know several people that own both dogs and birds and have no problems with them.


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