How would you feel if you day you die and come back alive as a cyborg?

I think I need to lay low playing video games one of these days.

anyways my inspiration in asking this was this video game that I bought a while back and decided to revisit it out of boredom. the game would you feel if you day you die and come back alive as a cyborg?
obviously as the title says the game is about a ninja name Yaiba who fought another ninja prior to the game who happened to be Ryu Hayabusa the main protagonist of the main series. Ryu defeats Yaiba after slicing him from head to torso with his katana. years go by and Yaiba is then revived by a mad scientist name Del Gonzo (the main antagonist) as a cyborg in the middle of a post apocalyptic world which is when the game story line starts to occur. the first thing that came to Yaiba's head after being resurrected was to get revenge on Ryu for killing him so Del Gonzo makes a deal with him. the deal was that he will get him Ryu and supply him with everything he needs if he does all his dirty work.

so getting to the point throughout the game Yaiba finds life somewhat meaningless after realizing that he was brought back alive without his consent and all. so I was kinda paying mind to this, I mean I think I would feel miserable myself if I die one day and then out of nowhere come back to life as a cyborg without any of my consent. I think I rather stick to the true meaning of R. I. P. but oh well what are your thoughts on this? how would you feel in this situation?

another video game that has a very similar plot is Metal Gear Solid for PSX or Gamecube. in case you've never played it its about a soldier name Solid Snake infiltrating a nuclear facility located in Alaska that is being held hostage by a terrorist organization. during Snake's infiltration he encounters a cybernetic Ninja name Grey Fox.

this one also finds life meaningless after being resurrected as a special lab rat. he holds a really intense grudge on Solid Snake throughout the game and claims that he is a prisoner of death and that only Solid Snake himself can free him. he also tends to lose his sanity and have severe meltdown whenever he runs into Solid Snake


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  • I'd love that. It would be awesome. I'd like to become a feamale assassin 🔪🔫


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  • Seems better than being dead. I think they should make a female cyborg as my companion, since I'm not sure normal chicks are into some of those mechanical parts, unless my cyborg dick was a massive vibrator or something. I'd be much happier if they could save my original organic one, unless they could connect my cyborg vibrating dick to my nervous system.


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  • I don't know. I don't think about shit like that.


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