Does this Flyer look Professional, In YOUR eyes?

Here's the Flyer: Does this Flyer look Professional, In YOUR eyes?
Pass no heed, on the quality.

Thanks for your time.


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  • what are you trying to advertise? obviously photography but what kind of photography? Right now it just looks like casual events. The pictures look like they are just friends hanging out, and I'm not sure who would hire a photographer to take pics of their friends in a pub. So for that reason, it seems unprofessional.
    I understand it can be hard to show examples of your work if you haven't been hired for that work yet (can't have sample wedding photos if no one has asked you to shoot a wedding!) But you can definitely get more professional shots than that. Ask your friends to pose for headshots and use those. Heck, you can probably rent a wedding dress somewhere just to take some sample pics.


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  • The graphics and the information look professional, yes!
    You could include more examples of photos in the background? Showcase more varieties of the work :)

  • Nope

  • Yes I think looks great. I do think however that you should have a more gender diverse theme, maybe an older married couple or a family with kids would make the flyer more appealing to everyone. No offense at all but with only young women it leads one to think of the company as only photographing lesbians so my suggestions might help.


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