How many chances do you give your narcissistic mother?

my mother actually has what is called malignant narcissism. it is the very worst kind. in general, the person is very abusive, and would use even their own children as resources at the cost of their own safety. for example: my mom tried to use me and my sister, i was 12 and she was 15, to attract the attention of men so she could take them home. every time i have tried to see if she could grow out of it, or if she could change, it always turns out bad. so how many chances do you give them really, even if they are your parent?


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  • None. Id be out of there. What about your dad. Is he still with her? If not you can go to him. Or maybe an uncle or aunt.

  • I am so sick of my mom's shit! I respect her... send b-day & mother's day cards, flowers, etc. However, I don't tolerate manipulative and/or narcissistic behavior. No way!!!

  • One day I just had to walk out.
    I came back but as few times as possible.

    • yeah.. i've come back many times, but she never changes. i just can't do it anymore, but i still find myself wishing i had a mother.. i just have to accept it.

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    • Your dad made a wrong choice (he probably regrets it too).

    • oh he did, but maybe he's in a better place now. at least, i hope he is.

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