Have you heard about this suicide song Gloomy Sunday?

Many people killed themselves after listing to this song. The original Gloomy Sunday, written in 1932 by Rezső Seress, was known as the Hungarian Suicide Song and blamed for more suicides than any other song in history.

In January 1968, some thirty-five years after writing the song, its composer did commit suicide. The song is featured in several scenes of Steven Spielberg's 1993 film Schindler's List. The song inspired the 2006 movie The Kovak Box, in which a writer is trapped on the island of Mallorca with people who are injected with a microchip that causes them to commit suicide when they hear "Gloomy Sunday"


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  • I mean it does sound depressing.


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  • Yeah, I've heard of it before. It is kinda gloomy but i think the people who will be affected by the song are the ones who are already depressed and those who can understand the lyrics. This is my second time to listen to it, it didn't make me feel like committing a suicide. It only gave me the creeps knowing that the same music was playing during the others' suicide.

  • I haven't heard it


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