Guys, tell me if this is wrong?

Is it wrong to find a lady's bag and open it and look through her things. Especially someone you know. Boyfriend, Dad, Grandpa? And you take the bag from them and say "stop being nosey" Is it wrong? And they expect you an apology?


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What Guys Said 2

  • It's wrong to snoop on someone else's bag.
    It's not wrong to tell them to stop being nosy. There's no reason to apologize, and you shouldn't apologize.

    • Whew, I thought I felt like I was being rude by saying " stop being nosey" especially to someone older :S

    • They were disrespecting you by snooping around your stuff.
      I agree you gotta be respectful towards someone older, but if they don't respect you, they don't deserve any respect either.

    • Exactly, I was being respectful in the first place until my grandpa grabbed my bag that was on the couch and started snooping. I got irritated and felt violated and told them to "stop being nosey" He got offended and told my grandma and she's like " don't be a bad girl" like what? you're defending him? smh.

  • Yes it is wrong


What Girls Said 1

  • Well yes, if you know them and its their bag you shouldn't really be snooping through their stuff. Its not wrong

    • Technically they shouldn't be snooping in their bag at all. That's basically invading their privacy.