How do you feel about suicide? Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

I believe suicide is the most important human right of all. As life forms we are hard wired to want to survive, which makes people fear death and think of it as a really bad thing, but death is just nothing so it can't be bad in itself. Life on the other hand could be bad, but I think having the option to call it quits at any moment is what makes life a good thing.
Like if I give you a plate of food which you may hate or may love and say eat it all, it would be bad if you hate it, but if I say you can eat as much as you like of it but can stop at any time, it can't be a bad thing.
This is why I think suicide is the most important human right, more important than the right to live. I think it's outrageous that suicide is illegal most places, though they can't really do anything about it so it doesn't really matter. But sometime in the future they may be able to stop people, if I found out that would happen I would kill myself while I could.

But how do you feel about suicide? If someone wants to should we try to stop them?

(I know GaG mods are very suicidophobic so this may be removed)

  • I agree, suicide is the most important human right
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  • I wouldn't go that far, but I'm pro suicide, everyone should have the choice
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  • I'm neutral, I'd never do it myself but if people wanna die I don't care
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  • We should try to convince suicidal people to change their minds, but at the end of the day it's their choice
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  • Life is the best thing, nobody should try to kill themselves, and we should watch suicidal people and stop them from doing it
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  • Every human has a right to choose


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What Girls Said 4

  • I'm in favour of assisted suicide for chronically and terminally ill patients if they're in an excruciating amount of pain. Otherwise, no.

    • What about people with psycological pain like depression? And why shouldn't health and/or happy people not have the choice?

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    • I don't think that sends a good message. Furthermore, those who are not considered to be of sound mind are not able to make legally binding decisions. This includes terminally ill patients: if they are deemed to want assisted suicide because they are depressed, it will not be granted to them.

    • Sod the law, we're talking about what's right not what's legal. Life should be a choice, nobody should have to live a minute longer if they don't want to

  • My dad committed suicide when I was 6. I've always seen it as selfish.

  • It's a bad thing.

  • suicide is horrible… nobody should kill themselves


What Guys Said 7

  • I agree to a point. Just because you are having a bad year or a rough go doesn't mean I support someone "calling it quits" and kill themselves. For someone with terminal cancer and in constant pain, yes, suicide is your right. Not only that, but too many people commit suicide and inadvertently hurt or traumatize other people in the process such as laying down on railway tracks. Someone has to clean up your mess and many times the train crews suffer PTSD which isn't fair to them or emergency responders. Some other low-lifes commit suicide by driving head on into another vehicle with no regard to those other people. Obviously this cannot be condoned at all. So having the right to off yourself is still some thing that needs a lot of thought!

    • Yeah I agree people should choose a method that's not going to be to bad for others, though of course people often don't care since they're gonna be dead anyway. But I think everyone should have the right even if they don't have cancer or anything, someone with mental pain such as depression can be suffering just as much, but even if they are totally fine and happy they should have the choice (though they usually won't)

    • Yes, that is true, I didn't think about mental issues.

  • The biggest problem I find with discussing suicide topics is that it turns into a pissing contest of who has suffered most.

    "I've been in a bad situation and I didn't kill myself, therefore all people who commit suicide are cowards."

    What I generally find a bit lacking is the type of empathy and sympathy required to steer people clear of it.

    In any case, I just feel like I can't judge people who have ultimately chosen to do it and could not be detracted away from that course of action.

    Life can be really shitty sometimes.

  • I think it's ok if it's like a terminal disease but otherwise it's a permanent solution to a temporary problem

    • I disagree with that saying, suicide is a permanent solution to every problem you have and ever will have

    • Most problems except terminal disease cases are temporary

    • Yeah, but life comes with lots of problems not just one. And if you always have temporary problems, it's like having permanent ones anyway

  • if someone has nothing in life to live for, and survive for nothing and believe suicide is a release from whatever than yes it should be up to them
    I've always considered it, cause all i do is work just to pay rent and bills, no girl loves me, never had sex, and im alone, and thats never going to change, cause there's nothing i can do about it, and i hurt all the time, but i fear death, and thats whats holding me back, plus hope, but hope is going too far

  • It wouldn't be a right, it would be a liberty, and suicide is a silly thing to render legal as it has no value being legal or otherwise. As for whether we should or should not stop someone that depends on whether we as a society will be responsible for them in ongoing care. If not, then no, if so, then yes.

    • Everything starts legal, so surely it's silly to render it illegal. And we shouldn't be responsible for them

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    • Until there is a law made against something it's legal

    • That's another topic for another day.

  • I gave up this idea when I was ten
    I was like , I stood all these years, it's a waste to suicide now

  • I think sometimes people are pushed in a corner and believe there is no way out other than suicide. Some do it because they believe they are a burden to others. Its very hard to understand it unless you're in that person shoes.