Home alone with 2 babies for 1 week?

My boyfriend has to go to visit his family for a week they are bringing the the body of a relative down to his great grandmothers grave to be berried there. Now I Bored alone with 2 baby girls who are relatively well behave for babies under 1 year and i need figure out how to pass the time normally my days would start with a 30-40 minute conversation with boyfriend till he went to work then me having 4-5 hours of trying to find something to entertain me till he gets back. That is why i am here to ask what should i do 168 hours by myself around 83-90 awake and asleep by my self not able to invite friends over because i don't want to have my best friend come over too much because i know he won't have much to do other than play a game or 2 don't want to bring my friends here because they will end up getting bored as fuck not being able to smoke weed in the house or around it considering they know how i am with that shit around the babies. what do i do to pass the time?

i should add i have been living with my boyfriend for a while now and iv grown accustom to taking care of the babies


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  • Honestly those babies will be your life for the next week, take them to the park, just go on your normal day with them. You can do fun things, its just a week don't fret. Take naps. watch tv, even online games whilst theyre sleeping. They will take up most of your time anyway.


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  • Luckily, they're under 1, so they aren't going to go rampaging off throwing themselves down the stairs with knives in their eyes.

    Any MMOs you felt like trying? This is your chance.


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  • The babies are going to take up most of your time, guaranteed. Even people with one baby always seem to have their hands full. You won't have much time to yourself. Why do you rely on your SO to entertain you, though?

  • Play with the babies, bring them to a park, put them in a stroller and jog around, just do something XD


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