Why would a Marine trainee get punished if his superior attacked him and the trainee killed him instead of rewarded/promoted?

Our class was reading Ender's Game and we got to the part where Bonzo attacks Ender in the shower and Ender kills him. My classmate, Max, who is going to be a Marine, said that if his superior attacked him and Max killed him, he would be punished.

Now I'm no Marine expert, but I'm pretty sure that the higher ups are able to pretty much beat their subordinates senseless. Plus, if I were a Marine higher up, I would want the best most obedient killers to be in charge. If I found out that one of my people got killed trying to start shit with a trainee, that trainee would most definitely not get punished. Quite the opposite actually.


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  • There would be trial to determine if his actions were appropriate, but it's a very unlikely scenario. Boots are going to get their asses kicked if they try to take on a DI.

    Remember that in Ender's Game, the IF was desperate and manipulated the rules whenever necessary in order to manipulate the students. They allowed Bozo to push Ender because they wanted to reinforce Ender's strategy of "winning all the future fights". That is important later on in the book.


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  • You don't kill.


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