Do I have a right to be a little upset at my parents?

Here is some background information.
My mom: great mom when I was a kid. Once I reached my teens she became abusive in every way (except sexually) she would always abandon me at the house so she can party with her loser boyfriends. Now, she critisizes my weight. Insults my appearance and insults the major I'm going into because it's not "good enough" for her. We don't talk that much anymore. She's lied about having cancer twice And other fatal diseases just so that she can get attention and want us to feel bad.

My Dad: he's a great dad. He's been there for me more than my mom has. He's really controlling, starts a lot of drama through text if we don't answer him fast enough and also puts down what I'm majoring in for college. He's very dramatic as well.

Today: My dad was having a text fit 30 minutes ago because I didn't answer sooner (it wasn't urgent but I was very busy this week) he was saying that he won't ever help me again (never asked him for help)... But it hurt me that he said that. because he's the one parent that was there... He's also saying my mom is sick. Which I call bullshit since she's lied about being sick before. I know my flaws and I point them out when I do something wrong. Whenever I try to defend myself in an argument with him he says I'm giving attitude even if my wording and tone is calm. I'm just tired of it. I really thought our relationship would be stronger once I moved out but a year later it hasn't.

Instead of my parents being encouraging and happy that I'm about to finish a degree in Medical Assisting and have 3 Additional certifications... They do the opposite. Is it the best job? Probably not. But I LOVE helping people and I've been wanting to work in a doctors office for a long time. Plus, the pay is very high in my area and cost of living isn't much.
Is it right for me to be upset at the moment?


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  • Oh yea, definitely. To me, that sounded like your parents are only treating you like their property and an asset and trying to dictate and control what your life and career should be about, what you should and should not do. Well I say, take a stand. Fuck them, fuck what they say about what you couldn't or shouldn't do, especially when it comes to what you WANT to do for a career.

    It's your life, if you know Medical Assisting is your passion and what you absolutely really want to do, do not allow them to fucking tell you otherwise and allow them stop you from trying to become a medical assistant. Health care is one of the still growing industries that will continue to have a demand for workers and employees so you have a better chance to even get hired compared to some of the other industries and fields. If your dad won't help you, then fine, you don't have to help him in the future either. You already tried reasoning with them but it's always fucking one side and ALWAYS about them and not even considering anything about you. What is it with them? Is it because they are paying a portion of your tuition, books and supplies or what? You know what I really think? Your parents failed to achieve and accomplish their dreams and goals while they were in college and after they had finished college therefore they may have some insecurities and don't want you to succeed and be better than they currently are thus that is probably why they are always giving you a hard time about shit and putting you down, etc..

    Again, take a stand, don't allow them to push you around and dictate this and dictate that, you're an adult now so take charge of your life and goals. Have clear and realistic goals and stick with them.


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  • Of course you do. I don't think its unreasonable as a child to wish that your parents supported what you do, especially because you're not even doing anything shitty. It's not like you're running around saying you want to sell cocaine. I'm sorry you're in this situation, keep pushing ahead. You're doing well for yourself and it's great that you've found and are working towards something that will really make you happy in the future. Do the best you can, and try to be the best daughter you can in this situation because I get the sense that you still really do value a relationship with them.


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  • Yes, but you need to find a way to be constructive. Your dad just sounds like a typical parent. We only have your perspective, but if you're like my sister when she went to college than I get why he behaves that way. It's actually normal for parents to be crazy about answering texts quickly. They're scared that you're out there by yourself. I fell asleep early one night and they had the RA barge into my room and had driven all the way down to the college!

    Most of what your dad is doing just sounds like him being very worried for you. Your mom sounds like she needs advanced therapy.

  • yes. Your parents are dicks. Parents should support every decision their child makes for their future. Your parents are putting you down, and thats fucking disgusting.


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