What do you think: The later a trauma, the better to cope with, or worse (no matter the individual impacts)? And why?

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  • I honestly only know the early drama...
    But I think it's better when you're older, because you're mature and you know already a bit of how to act when such a thing takes place.
    When you're little and still discovering the world and who you are, some events can determine who you'll become

    • I think it's rather about the subconscious feelings of which we might not know the cause.

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  • The later the better. Tour more able to overcome it better with less Damage.


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  • Speaking from a psychological perspective, this isn't even a question. The brain is still developing until around age 25 (technically it keeps changing, but that's when most of the milestones are).

    The earlier the trauma impacts a person, the greater impact it has (in general) because it diverges from normal development earlier.

    Think about it like this: if you chip a log near the end, the piece will not stick out as far. But chip it at its base, and more of log is sticking farther away.

  • Explain? Relation to age?