What does it mean when your ears are still popped when getting off a plane?

I just got home from a vacation and usually my ears pop, but come back after it lands or it'll come back when it's about to land, and for some reason today my left ear just won't pop back, I tried licking my pinky, using a cotton swab, and took a shower when I came home, and it still won't pop back, and I'm getting a little worried about it... Has this happened to anyone else? My left ear has never been like this, so it's strange


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  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OaTO8_KNcuo

    This is the most likely cause. Ears don't just equalize themselves, when you're ascending and descending in diving you do ear 'exercises' to.

    Since you're descending from a higher altitude (lower pressure) to a higher atmospheric pressure, you want to pressurize your ears. For pressure increase in air just plug/pinch your nose and exhale 'gently' (through your nose as if it wasn't blocked). Then swallowing (without nose pinched) is usually the easiest way to relieve the excess pressure.


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  • Here's what u can do to prevent it from happening again. Before u go on the plane again, make sure you start chewing gum before the plane takes off & don't take the gum out until after the plane lands (or whenever u like but just make sure it's after the plane lands) It sounds crazy but it works for me all the time.


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  • Try first just opening your jaw wide, kind of like yawning. If that doesn't do it, try very, very gently (because you can make it worse otherwise) exhaling through your nostrils while covering your hand and mouth (don't pinch your nose).

    Also try chewing some gun.

    If that doesn't kind of balance things out on the first few tries, don't keep doing the exhaling through your nostrils or you can make it worse. These things will generally pass over time, like if you get some sleep.

    • covering your hand [/nose] and mouth [with your hand]

  • It means your ears are blocked or partially blocked. The cabin altitude in a cruising airliner is 8000 feet, so the pressure is considerably lower than it is on the ground. That is why your ears "pop". The pressure may not equalize on landing because your ears are plugged with wax or your Fallopian tubes are partially blocked.


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