Why does he still follow me on social media?

So my ex boyfriends cousin still follows me on Instagram, when I was a freshman he used his cousins social media to talk to me because he never really wanted a phone. We're seniors now and he obviously has a phone now, but what is weird is that his cousin still follows me on social media and still likes most of the pictures I post on Instagram. I'm literally the ONLY person he follows from my school, he doesn't follow my ex boyfriends other ex girlfriend anymore, but it's weird because he still follows me. Does my ex use his account to still look at my photos? Or what? I just find it weird how he's unfollowed my ex boyfriends other ex girlfriend and not me. Why do you think he still follows and likes most of my photos?


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  • He probably didn't think anything of it, you're being kind of weird

  • Your ex is way latching the profile through the cousin obvi. Or the cousin is watching for the ex