URGENT! Got a call back from Sonic for a job?

This is my first time getting a response from a place I've filled out an application at, & my first job. I missed their call yesterday, so I called back later and an employee asked if I filled out an application, I said yes and she said to call back in the morning so I can speak to the general manager. It's the morning now, and I dont know what to say if I call? If someone who isn't the GM answers the phone


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  • Don't call til afternoon. Make sure the guy knows you're willing to French Kiss patrons when necessary.


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  • Just call, say "Hello, is the general manager in at the moment?"

    If they say no: ask when would be a good time to call back. Then say thanks and hang up.

    If they say yes and put him/her on the phone: Say you're returning their call about your application, and then hopefully they'll take the conversation from there.

    If the person who answered is the GM: Same thing.


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  • Call and ask to speak to the general manager... then tell the gm why you're calling... it's really that simple.

    You're worried over nothing.

    • Well I do have anxiety so I have plenty of reason to be worried...

    • Anxiety isn't a reason to worry, it's the act of worrying... you're being irrational.

      Just pick up the phone, dial the number, ask for the general manager, and tell them you missed their call.

      Force yourself.

  • Ask to speak with the GM...


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