Sprint or verizon wireless?

I been with t mobile, now sprint and for some reason after the first 1 month my 3g is painfully slow... so slow i can't even watch youtube videos. I dont wanna do at&t becuase they coat too much should i try verizon? aka why my 3g so slow i didn't go over my date limit so wtf? i want through 4 phones with t mobile which didn't fix my problem at all


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  • Verizon is killing me. They're just as, if not more expensive than Sprint. I have 20 gigs of data and still seem to get warnings before the cycle is over... I watch a lot of YouTube and download some podcasts, but I really don't think it's 20 gigs worth. The speed isn't too bad, but I pay around 175-200 a month for 3 lines, one of which is a mifi line that I haven't even used because of my already high data usage! Dammit YouTube, lol!

    • Lol youtune isn't really a problem for me its reading online and show box... other then that ak on sites like this or music 247&facebook

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    • Staight talk ill look them up tks and had. Mine for 4 years

    • Good luck!

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  • neither. I go with a completely random carrier that is much more customer friendly called Republic Wireless.

  • verizon