How can I escape from poverty?

I am a full-time college student and I have thousands of dollars in student loans that I have to pay back. My mom is in her 60's, she is the sole provider of my household, and she works very hard every day only to make less than $20k a year. I work during the Summers too. I don't have any close relatives either. I have nothing and I'm miserable. Meanwhile, everyone else I know is on vacation, posting pictures of the extravagant lifestyles they are having on instagram/fb/snapchat you name it... How can I successfully escape from the miserable life I am living in?


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  • This is really tough. My optimistic side wants to tell you to work hard and get a good job. You are very correct that having a good degree doesn't really mean anything yet but it still makes your chances to improve your life higher than not having any degree at all.
    However, my realistic side also needs to tell you something very, very sad. I'm assuming you're American. When some of your fellow Americans talk about the American dream, it's mostly a lie. It's a myth from times long gone. The tragic truth is that the US has turned into a plutocracy where capitalism is merely a feudalistic system of power. This is not just some weird conspiracy theory, it's a fact. Numerous famous economists have proven that America has the worst social mobility among all developed countries. If you are relatively poor now, the statistical odds are all stacked against you. That doesn't mean it's completely impossible to escape poverty but the large majority of people in the US who are born into one certain social class or are poor when they're young remain so during their entire life. Americans have always been proud of not having had any kings and royals in their history but the sad fact is that nowadays, aristocracy exists in the US more than in many other places. It's not an aristocracy by law but a de-facto aristocracy. Rich people whose students fees have been paid by their rich parents and whose children and grandchildren will be incredibly wealthy control the economy and politics. For them, you're just another peasant who is meant to do fulfill her "god given position".
    Hence, the best way to escape all this is to move to another country.
    However, I am a university student myself and I understand that you can't just hop on a plane and go somewhere. So here's my two other suggestions:
    - either you could try to already do internships and these kind of things. They will help you gain experience for your later job and they make it more likely that you actually get a decent job once you're done studying.
    - become an escort girl. I know, you might find this suggestion offensive but it's true that escort girls earn a lot of money.
    I am fully aware of the fact that neither of these suggestions seem particularly appealing. Sadly, the hard truth is that in your situation, there's no easy or good solutions. Of course I could've simply told you "oh you just need to work hard and eeeeverything will be alright" but that would be a lie.


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  • Put your head down, work hard through college - get a good job and pay off that student debt. It's only 3 years, get's better once you're done.

  • Become an independent escort/high end whore or work for escort agency if your attractive enough. You can get paid around 100 to 150 dollars an hour... sometimes more. Although you must sexually satisfy your clients if you want them to come back and pay more money. Some escorts get rich doing it, honestly just learn how to fuck lol

    • How can I become an escort?

    • There's two ways; you can either put an advertisement up on a website where you will pay a fee for putting that ad on someones website. Second you can join an escort agency, they usually pay more

  • There might be stipendia or social funds that might be available for you.
    Stop comparing with others life style. I had a fellow student who a new highend smartphone every 2-3 months for 500$. Something like this is unrealistic except with your parents are in the upper top percent of earning.
    My vacation is 1 week per year (home country in a cheap BnB with friends, not Hawai/Mallorca/...). I spend my other vacations at home, maybe going with friends swimming at a nearby lake.
    Don't go for high cost clothes (except for fashion experts others will not notice the difference. I know someone who paid 200$ for the same looking T-Shirt as someone else bought for 15$).
    Plan your monthly spendings. Make categories like food, rent, fun, clothes, ... so you see where your money goes.
    I also send 300$ each month to an extra bank account as emergency fund (unemployment, car broken down, ...) and which I use for booking the vacation. This way I am not seduced to spend this money. You will need to find a suitable amount for you.
    Dont let you get seduced by advertisements. You don't need most of that bullshit.
    I keep a comfortable lifestyle with not much more money than your mother is earning.
    Depending how much time you have beside your studies you might get a part time job like me at a company related to your field. It gives you money, experience and you will easier get a job later or the company might give you a full time job.

    • I also saved quite some money by knowing a professional mechanic from middle school who would repair my car outside the official hours when I didn't an official invoice. Mutual help and ties can help a much in life.

  • Ask yourself this do you want to do it the straight and narrow path or the quick way?

    • What's the quick way?

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    • Where can I find those people? How much is the average sugar daddy willing to spend on his girl?

    • They're willing to get you whatever you need. and Craigslist is the quickest and sly way to do it.

      check out the M4W section where those guys are willing to anything for a piece of you. But make it clear what you want and your boundaries.

  • Graduate college, get a good job. Then you can pay stuff back.,

    • It's extremely hard to find a good job nowadays :/ I have been rejected from retail/camp counselor jobs. I can't imagine what it'll be like after I graduate.

  • Do well in school. Major in something that's actually useful. Get a high paying job.

    • Most college graduates can't even find average jobs within a year of graduation :/

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    • The most useful majors in today's day and age are the STEM majors. I already chose Communication as my major.

    • What year are you? Communication isn't completely useless (like many of the humanities and lesser social sciences) so all is not lost. Just complement it by taking at least a few STEM classes and look for appropriate business roles.

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