What do European people think about Europe?

Look at history and all the national pride and global domination, not to mention technological advancement and scientific achievements, from Europe. Not 100 years ago, the European Powers practically owned the whole globe.

The mighty Empires of Britain, France, and others were the most dominant forces the planet had ever seen.

Nationalistic pride was so rampant and competitive that these mighty nations destroyed each other in the World Wars and lost control of the world.

Now, what does it mean to be proud of Europe? Alcohol and "football" (soccer)?

I was born and raised in the United States, but I do recognize that the United States is just an extension of European civilization.


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  • We have some of the most impressive art & architecture and a unique and very diverse culture here, too :D


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  • Not everybody thinks a country can only be great if it's taking over other countries. I think most people today just want their country to be a nice place to live have a good economy and prosper that's what people want. I doubt many people are interested in word domination. And who says there are no more technological advancements and scientific achievements? I feel like you just made that up. You seem to be trolling or just very ignorant.

  • Probably nothing at all