Have you ever met your idol? Who was it? And when?

Tell me about it! Were you dissappointed? Was it nice?
Yesterday I met a youtuber I used to watch, we started talking and we took some pictures together. Tbh I hadn't seen any of his latest vids (I just stopped watching them.. idk), but meeting him was so cool bc he was so different from what I'd expected him to be like -in a positive way- He was very down to earth and he kept calling me darling which was so cute. You could tell that he was really enjoying meeting a viewer.

Just curious about your experiences :D


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  • My father was my idol... married and divorced 7 times made more money then he could count and at the end of his life died with a smile on his face having spent every penny he made (come to think of it he was kinda a shitty parent)


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  • No but once I watched one Georgian movie and there was really handsome actor. I thought about him 3 days after that and on the 4th day I met him in front of my house and we bumped each other accidentally, he smiled and told me "sorry milady"
    Since that I haven't met him again and even forgot his name.

    • Wow that's a coincidence!

    • Yeah I was so surprised almost believed in miracles xD

    • Hahaha ahww when I read it I was like wow..


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  • I don't idolize people.

  • I don't really have an idol

  • You mean a person I really admire? They are all dead.