Whats something or somethings you like about yourself?

try to keep this about personality or character traits if you can please. I'm just trying to get people to remember the good things about themselves.

I guess I should ask as well WHY do you like those things about yourself?


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  • I like that I see things in a different perspective than most people. I pick up on things that others don't, and I've always been able to see things from more than one point of view. This makes it easier for me to understand people, because I can put myself in their shoes more easily and understand where they are coming from.
    I also love my compassion for animals. I've always had a huge amount of compassion and respect for them and animals are the highlight of my life. I've rescued a few animals and will continue to do so, and I've given a lot of great animals the wonderful forever home that they deserved, even ones who were severely neglected and only lived for a short while after being rescued. Not everyone has the strength to try to bring an animal like that back to health and have to make some very hard decisions regarding them, but they need someone who will do that for them, so I'm really glad I am able to.


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  • My determination and perseverance.

    If I want something, nothing will stand in my way. I'll keep going and trying until I get there.

    Great example is my workouts.

    The weights were increased as of Monday. My body is sore but knowing that I'm close to my goal (s) for muscle mass; it keeps me going. ^-^

    • whats your goal? :)

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    • Weights- Depends on what it is. Dumbbells are currently 30lbs each. Probably won't go beyond that for a while.

      Bench press is still pretty weak.. It's the next thing I'll be working on.

    • Well good for you! I hope you continue to make progress.

  • I'm different


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  • My brutal honesty and humor

  • My Big Dick. Any girls out there wanna trade #Pic4Pic?