Ladies, is wanting to talk on the phone a bad thing?

I enjoy talking to ladies on the phone. Most if not all would rather text. Why is that.?

Thanks ladies your answers all helped me. I hope that they will be understanding and at least try it . I feel that if you meet a girl talking is more personal and makes it easier to adjust when meeting later.


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  • like others have said they're probably just shy.

    i know for me it depends on the guy; if I'm interested I'll probably text because it give me time to try and find a topic to talk about, but if you just a buddy or something I'll talk to you on the phone


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  • I totally agree with you I like talking on the phone better than texting too. I think that sometimes girsl or guys like to text better because its easier and it takes less effort to keep a conversation going. I also think that its easier to play someone when you text. Lets say you text me today at 8:45. I won't text you back till at least 9:15 because otherwise that seems desperate or not mysterious enough lol

  • Most of them like to text because the conversation they want to talk about usually ends faster than texting. then there's usually an akward silence, girls hate.

    but there's normally nothing wrong with talking on the phone. there's no wrong ideas. its actually funner (:

    -Kathrinator (:

  • coz girls get rely shy on phones and its like a girls worst nightmare to not know what to say on the phone so they like chatting or texting better x

    hope this helped, its true, feel free to chose this as the best answer hahaha :)

  • its easier , they are less nervous. especially if theyre are teenagers.

  • It seems easier to talk a guy by text cause if they say something stupid they can say lol or jk and its not weird when they say something random.

  • Girls perfer to text because it creats more time to think about answers and some may feel like talkng on the phone could be abit awkward or lead to awkward silences.

    Also,feeling shy and not knowing what to say or what to talk about.


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  • i'm not much of a phone person or texter . I don't really think either is key to a successful relationship . although a few good phone conversations in the early stages would be helpful if you don't know each other that well yet . I don't really see how you'd get to know someone thru texting ? anyone care to explain that considering there is no in person element to it or even voice