Worst sweet 16 birthday ever?

Srry for the bad grammer from Sweden. Okay I just turned 16 and My birthday was yesterday and it was the worst day ever. i was so Bored I was home alone and then My mom came she Said happy birthday like she didn't even care that much and then I went to My cousins house (they live like 2 min away from us) and it was Only One cousin of them all (it was about 7 cousins that were home , some are on vaccation) and nobody of them knew it was the One cousin that told them infront of My face and Also to My aunts. but One of My aunts remembered. I just got So sad It's supposed to be like the Biggest birthday in your life and nobody knew it was My birthday (almost) some friends texted Me like happy birthday and a heart but to others they put a pic and write like an essay๐Ÿ˜” but then My mom and My cousins Said they were going to the store and I was rhinking that maybe they are going to buy some Cake Or Something at least and I was so excited but no nothing to Me and I'm not trying to sound spoiled but at least a cupcake Or try to show that u care (directed to My mom) So yeah thats My shitty sweet 16๐Ÿ˜”


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  • My 20th birthday was bad too, but due to other reasons. It happens. Just make sure to plan something special for yourself next year. If nobody does anything for you, do it yourself ;)


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  • I got in a huge argument with my dad a few days before my 16th birthday so he said I wouldn't be celebrating at all. Being the stubborn little shit I am I told him that I didn't need to celebrate and we didn't speak for like a week. My poor mom was sort of stuck in the middle. She wanted me to celebrate my birthday but I told her that since dad didn't want me to I wouldn't even celebrate by letting her make my favorite food. She cried at one point cause I guess she could tell things were really tense between me and my dad. Soooo then my birthday cake and left. Ordinary day and I didn't even bother telling anyone it was my birthday cause I was in such a bad mood. No gifts. No wishes. Just awkward silence from the argument.


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  • Don't think too deep into it. Are you not very close (not physical distance) with your family and friends? Any recent problems between them? Could've played a role. You can try talking to them about it. Tell them how it made you feel.
    I am only close with my family. Last year I got a "Happy Birthday" post from 2 out of 161 Facebook friends. Like I care.

  • There's many more shit birthdays to come!


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