How soon after my tattoo can I tell if it's infected/I'm allergic to it?

I got a tattoo 2 days ago. I went to a very reputable place, so I'm not really concerned about an infection. I'm slightly more concerned about having an allergic reaction to the ink, which according to several articles, is a lot more common than people think. I do have really sensitive skin, and I'm also allergic to nickel. My sister is the same way, and she has several tattoos (never had an allergic reaction), but I understand that everyone's body reacts differently. I've been caring for the tattoo very well and following all of my artists aftercare instructions. Like I've said it's been two days and the redness has gone down significantly. The area isn't as swollen as it was yesterday, which is good, however I am concerned because it's still tender (it hurts when I touch it). It isn't as tender as it was on the first or second day, but it's tender nonetheless. When I touch it it's still kinda warm like when I first got it done. Basically, I'm just wondering how soon an allergic reaction would start, IF I were to develop one? Like, how soon after getting it done will I start to exhibit the signs and symptoms of a bad reaction?


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  • I've had two tats done. It took just about 5 days for the swelling to subside. If after that amount of time it is still swollen r more irritated then infection is possible


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  • Wait 2 weeks as by then it should be healed anyway

  • If you were allergic, you would have had a reaction within hours.