I don't know what to do in post-secondary?

So, I have 6 months till I apply to universities and I don't know what to choose because my mom doesn't agree with what I want to do. She's paying so she has to say yes, unfortunately :(.

I'm really, really, realllly into Earth Science and physics and they're something I'm good at too. I hate medicine and biology but my mom keeps pushing me into it because you "make good money". Like I don't care? You make pretty good money as a geologist or Astronautic engineer too! Hell, I'd rather be a physics professor than a doctor even if they earn less, because it's something I love and just because it doesn't make a high amount of money doesn't mean much if I can still survive with it. Being a girl, the physical sciences are probably going to open more doors for me too because they want more girls involved.

Another reason my mom keeps saying no (and the dumbest reason too) is that there may not be jobs here in Canada, for my chosen profession and my mom's worried that when it comes down to getting me married. (I'm brown so uh arranged marriage it is) guys might not want to move where I'm getting a job. I don't care? What if i don't want to move where his job is? Why do I have no say? and I'm fucking 17. I'm choosing my career to make ME happy. Not someone else.

I want to cry. I really don't know what to do. It's gotten down to the point where i'm just like "fuck it" and wanting to tell her she doesn't have to pay for uni if she doesn't agree with what i want to take because i'd rather be happy that go with what she thinks is a normal job and be miserable.

I've told her all of the above ( minus the last part) and she still doesn't agree.
No offense if you are a doctor but engineers and scientists have far better critical thinking skills than doctors do, yet my mom thinks they're stupid. Lmao okay. Just go with stupid stereotypes and not see the fact that one is based off of problem-solving and the other is based off of memorization.


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  • Earth Science and physics... become an engineer or architect or some kind of environmental specialist.

    I wasn't sure what I wanted to be when I was 17, so I got railroaded into a Journalism degree by my parents so I'd be going off to do *something* and what a huge waste of time it was, too. I have NEVER worked in the field.

    • oh boy :/ My mom ( my dad doesn't force me into stuff) keeps pushing me into pharmacy saying all I have to do is spend some years in uni then I can open my own pharmacy and i'm good to go. But I really don't want to do that. Sure it pays really well and is less work, but i'd rather dedicate my whole life to something I actually love even if I don't get time off. The thing with me is, if I like something, I can stay up even half asleep and work my way through it , but if I don't, I can get 3 months to work on it yet I'll keep procrastinating and end up doing a horrible job. ( I'm assuming that's something a lot of people do ) but yeah,

    • Open your own pharmacy = actually end up working in Shoppers filling prescriptions.

      All I'll say is make sure that whatever you love doing is viable as an actual career. This is why people laugh at Media Studies degrees because they don't really teach you how to do anything. There is a lot of demand for people who are environmental specialists, as I said. A very big thing right now is LEED which is all about energy efficiency for buildings, you should look into that.

      The sooner you do go to post-secondary, the better. With that said, though, it might be better in the long run to take a gap year and live in the real world. Not only will you gain valuable life experience but you'll be motivated to get a good and useful degree so you DON'T have to work the sort of shitty job you'll have during that gap year!

      Oh, and if you're about to go into grade 12, do the co-op program if your school offers it. It gives you something to put on your resume.

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  • Hey another Canadian omg I can relate. Well let me describe myself I'm going to go in my first year of sociology. Many people will argue that a useless degree but I did some research and I can become what I want to be from this degree (a social worker). Regardless what people say I want to do it because it will make me happy. Besides right now the baby boomers are sooner or later going to retire so we can fill in these positions. I think whatever you choose you be fine because these baby boomers (which is the biggest age group of Canada right now) have to leave their jobs they have no choice. Add in the fact that less people in our generation and the generation in their early 20 to mid 40s are having less children. We will have a open market soon but the problem will be that it be competitive. I think if you talk to her and bring up what I said and you have to CONVINCE her would likely get you in program you want :).

    • Oh my gosh! I totally forgot about the baby boomers! XD That's a really good point! I'm definitely going to bring that up to her! Thank you!!
      Good luck with first-year uni! One of my friends attends UofT for law and he's taking sociology. He got a 95 or something cause he loved it so much, so it's supposed to be a really fun and interesting course!

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    • yeah! ugh my mom's also been pushing me to pursue law cause i argue a lot but like no? I'd rather not XD

    • oh geez my friend is pursuing to be a lawyer the thing is... her marks now are pretty bad like in English, math etc most courses she does ok in. I tired to convince her for paralegal but she just wants to do lawyer for the title. I wonder if she ever going to realize maybe I was right. But I am hoping for the best that she does become a lawyer but I don't know man.


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  • Do what you love. it will be better for your whole life. making more money is only good for a career, if you love more money.

  • Get a student loan, a student job. Move out and study. Tada! (well not exactly tada, it's gonna be a fucking pain in the ass but it's a solution)


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  • Apply for financial aid and go do what you want.

    • I think she might not get a lot of money she did said her mom was paying so I'm assuming she well off. My friend try to get OSAP they only giving her $1400 since her mom makes a ton of money. Plus her dad works too. So I think that's why she struck and asking what to do.

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    • Damn, that's great! ( Until I have to pay it all back of course! XD yikes )

    • Lol asker the whole point of them doing that is to cut down costs.

  • Then get a loan. Be an adult about this. You're be joining the real world soon.