My fantail goldfish has ich/ick? Help?

So my fantail goldfish, Goldie has white spots on his tail. He got it today! I just brought a new pleco yesterday and then the next day Goldie got white spots. I already added salt. But what products do you recommend? Please, I don't want him to die! Thanks


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  • This is a question best answered by a pet store or vets office. But time is importiant. Tell them what you have done so far to care for this issue

    • Thank you. I hope that your fish is doing better

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  • It could be caused by stress such as incorrect water temp, bad water quality, home environment, the transportation, and etc.
    You can try doing research on the type of water your fish needs and changing it. You can also raise the temp of the water to 86 degrees F SLOWLY over 48 hours. That'll stop the ich from reproducing. You'll need to add more oxygen into the tank. You can also buy ich meds from a pet store.

    • For the temp treatment change 25% of the water every couple of days to get rid of excess parasites. After 15 days of the natural treatment, your goldfish should be swimming normally and white spot free in the tank. Reduce the water temperature until it’s back to 65 degrees F slowly over 48 hours.

    • Thank you for MHG! I hope your fishy feels better! :)


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  • Go to your local pet store (Petco, pet smart, etc) and they'll have anti-ick drops you can put in your water.