Is it okay to ghost a friend I f I have feelings for him?

My friend is moving abroad pretty soon, i think it's too selfish to tell him that i have feelings for him. It hurts quite a lot, so i've decided to ghost him. What do you think?


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  • Think its cowardly.
    You're his friend and you love him, but you're just gonna bail? Rotten thing to do. Put your big girl panties on and either suck it up and smile in his face when he gets on the plane, or tell him and make the most of whatever time you have left.

    • That was a bit rough. I'd like to put it a little softer.
      Amy (I named you Amy), people look for very long periods of time for someone that makes them feel the way you do right now. We only get a short time in this world, and having things in our past that we say 'I wish' or "I should" about. Letting someone go like you're talking about doing is one of those things. And I know you're scared, I know its intimidating. But you need to tell him. Trust me on this one. You need to tell him.

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    • Okay! thank you :), and thanks for the script!
      Actually i'm reaaally not expecting anything in return. I just think it's nice to tell people when you like them a lot.
      But i wish he won't freak out when/if i tell him :-S

    • *hope. not whish


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  • It seems more selfish to disappear with no explanation. I'd say it's fine to tell him, just don't expect anything back. Then if you still feel it's best to stop contacting him, he'll know why.

  • Yeah I would do the same unless he is my best friend or something.

  • He's going to think my friend didn't say goodbye.
    It's bad. Don't do it. I did it, and it's not fun I think about my friend everyday. I thought I'd move on but it's not working. You don't even have to tell him how you feel but don't ghost on him