So what is going on in the USA now? black and white clash again? cops shooting ! protests everywhere?

Is it going to be massive protests? would it lead to a true change there? or just as things are running lately would lead to more up jumps for Trump?


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  • Blacks and whites aren't clashing. The media overhypes that. Most people just want to get along.

    Nothing's wrong with expecting cops to not shoot someone against their rights. Philandro Castile + Dylan Nobel + Pedro Villanueva = Americans should all be working together to solve this problem.


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  • The media (largely in bed with the Democrats) want to divide and conquer. They cherry pick their incidents to agitate the population based on race. They can then use this anger to blame Trump because of his "decisive" policies when it's really them stoking the fire. No one is focusing on how more black people die from gang-related incidents than they do from police. No one is talking about how the black felony rates are drastically higher than other races. No, they talk about how black people get killed by police "out of proportion". If you commit more felonies, it's almost like you're going to have more negative encounters with police. Strange, isn't it?


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  • Many here will not agree with me on this and that is their right not to , just as it is my right to not care about that. This entire division of both people of all colors is and has been implemented from our leaders as well as the cowards that won't stand against it happening. Not since the 60's has racial tensions and racial divide been so obvious , and all of this has blossomed in the last 7 1/2 years. Now what does that lead you to believe?

    • "Not since the 60's has racial tensions and racial divide been so obvious , and all of this has blossomed in the last 7 1/2 years."

      I'm so glad I'm not the only one who feels like that!

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    • @BlueCoyote only through implied comments , and TBH his other half is as guilty if not more than he is

    • The very notion that Good ole race baiting master Al Sharpton has been a guest of obama over 100 times as of July of last year is a pretty good sign that there is no reason to feel ya man is a choirboy

  • racism and prejudice are really fashion right now, things are likely to get very bad very soon here in the UK too, we're going to be a small isolated hateful country with nuclear weapons in a world with Trump, Putin and IS.

  • The same as usual.

  • It's only gonna get worse.

    • This is what I feel needs to happen, I'm quoting a fellow GaGer I was having this discussion about yesterday.

      "agree 100%. police being more involved in the community can only serve to breakdown the barriers. sadly most people have prejudices of other people based on age, race, gender, religion, ethnicity, etc. but the best way to break down those prejudices is exposure which in the case would benefit both law enforcement (seeing the civilians as individuals) and civilians (seeing that the police have their best interest at heart)"

  • just a bad situation which is worse.