If I lit off a firework in public, would I get caught?

Long story short, I'm transferring from my current college. Something on my bucket list, however, is to light a firework off of one of the buildings. People go to the roof all the time, but lighting off fireworks is illegal, I'm aware. But I need to do this. For symbolism. Any who, I just thought of cameras. I don't think there are many, but it'd sure suck if there were. Think I'd get caught? Have any tips?

I did it, guys. Didn't get caught xD


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  • Why in a building? Do it in a back yard. I shoot fireworks all the time

    • Roof of a building. I don't know. People go up there all the time; I haven't yet, and it's the central building of my college (not university; college within). I'm not sure how to describe why I want to do it.

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    • The thrill. I'm not transferring because I want to, and that building was kind of a second home. I've always played by the rules, so

    • That's cool girl have fun

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  • Lmao do it and tips for what? Pretty sure even if you get caught, bail won't be that much lmao

    • Well, I'd like to not have that on my record, but I thought I was going to get in trouble xD cops checked it out, we hid in the bushes. They saw it was a firework and not gunshots and didn't care

    • Lmaoo bad ass

    • ;) hell yeah

  • Why is lighting fireworks illegal. Which country do you live in. It would make a loud noise and give off a strong smell of gunpowder.

    • USA. We planned on bolting afterwards, but cameras

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    • Oh yes on public property. If you do it late at night most likely you will not be caught but will piss a few people off. I doubt you will get in much trouble. I'm not too familiar with the law on fireworks in U. S. A.

    • Eh, if I piss a few people off, I piss a few people off lol I just don't want a record haha

  • Better have multiple exits just in case.

    • Cameras are what I'm worried about

    • Most cameras don't look on the roof, but do look from the roof below.

    • Well that's good to know at least :P

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  • Do what you feel like doing but be aware of the consequences that come with if

    • Did it, nobody cared, we weren't even the only ones xD good season to do it