Why people assume taht just because you hit a certain age you are not capable?

of doing certains things? Let me be brief. I understand that when you get married and have kids your energy is not the same as the person who has your same age but it is single and do not have kids but those people start to believe that becuase they are in a certain age, you then can't have fun, can't go out with friends like only one time and arrive home late because they say " I dont have the energy anymore to sleep late and also we are in a certain ages". I was like what, Do you feel old already?

There is this former classmate from school we are the same age, she is married and have kids, im single no married no kids. She does not exercise as she does not have time because she is a doctor, I do have more time on my hands and I do work out. So Im organizing a get together among some former classmates and she said to me " It is better if you plan it on an afternoon not to so late at some cafeteria better and not in the evening as I dont hve the energy to stay up late and also you know "the age" we are not to stay up late."
I was going to plan it for the evening liek sto start at 7pm but since it was going to be at 7pm is not a coffee encounter anymore but beers this time, but the lady does not drink beer and she rather be a coffee get together and not late because she said to me I dont have the energy at my age anymore to stay up pass 10pm. SHe is 44. I was going to tease her and tell her Hey are u a granny already? haha!! The get together is with other classmates who are also married and have kids but some are more flexible in doing the stuff in the evening, cause they have gone out with their husbands at bars at nite and stuff like that.

I dont know if doing sports for so many years and being single and no kids ahd made me have more energy to stay up late, but I have heard of women who work out, are housewives, mothers, and they have energy or is it the attitude of how you believe and take things to yourself?


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  • because when you have kids, life becomes about them, not yourself

    • I understand but couples with kids go out by themselves and enjoy some time apart rom their kids that is not wrong to do that. Even they go out separately with their friends and taht is healthy in a relationship

    • Thanks for MHO

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  • Because they weren't capable when they were that age.


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  • Yeah... she's a doctor so...


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  • People like to be dumb lol dw they're just meanies