Why would a father lie about such things to his children?

So my grandmother owns a farm and she still plants lots of vegetables. I told her i wanted to plant spinach in our garden and she was happy. I then asked her when i could plant it and she said, about this time of the year was a good time. When i got home i asked my dad when the garden was going to be in order so i could start planting spinach. He gave me no answer (he never does) then he told me that this is not the time of the year to plant spinach. Now he KNOWS this is the right time of the year. He has planted all sorts of vegetables when he lived with my grandmother, his mother still. He was lying to be like he always does and always about trivial things in life exactly like this. He immediately told me that i could not plant spinach this time of the year, and i answer him that grandmother told me this was the ideal time of the year and his facial expressions changed immediately. He lost face when he realized he could not play me this time.

This is just an example i give you that has happened recently. Now a normal dad would say the following: The garden will be ready between this and this period of time. And then he would tell me i could plant whatever i wanted in the garden, but no my dad HAS to lie to me. He has to prevent me from doing such things, always lying, never giving decent answers and there is never any certainty.

But why? For fucks sake, why does he lie about such trivial things in life? HE KNOWS when spinach is planted. Why the fuck does need to fucking lie to his own fucking son for fucks sake? And why about such mundane things in life. Like what harm could i do by planting spinach for fucks sake?

I'm getting real tired of his shit. This is always all the fucking time that this fucking guy thats my dad has to fucking lie to me all the fucking time over such fucking simple things in life as planting spinach.


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  • Your seriously getting this angry over spinach? Hun think you both got issues...

    • no its not about the spinach, its about how my father always has to lie to me and its always about trivial things. the spinach was just an example. you know after a couple years you become really frustrated with this. its not necessary to lie about these things.

    • Yeh but some people are compulsive liars...

    • i looked it up and it makes kind of sense.

  • He maybe assumed that you could only plant on a certain period of time then knowing about it

    • no he knows when it is planted but thats not the point, the point is why does he always have to lie to me.

    • Oh well. Could be because of him liking to prank or joke with people. Or maybe to afraid to tell the truth ( dont see why he should be afraid about this thing tho ). Well whatever it is i think you should talk to him. Tell him that he annoys you when he does that. And ask him why he does that.

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  • Tell him you 'be had enough, and that from now on whenever he repeats this action a reckoning will be had. Then head at once to the supermarket and pinch off a big wet steamer on the floor in the produce section. I guarantee it'll made the newspaper. This will either remediate his issue, or you'll become known as the weirdest family in town.