Is your gut instinct right most of the times?

The only time I had a weird feeling was last year when I went to the beach with 2 friends. Several distance away there was a small pathway full of trees and a couple fallen logs. For some reason, I didn't like that place and we left earlier. I still dunno why I had that weird feeling. I have never felt that way about something before.


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  • Yes I feel my instincts are usually right when I listen to then, but like you sometime I don't fully understand the feeling or miss it.


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  • Yes. I'm high perceptive and intuitive.

    When I make wrong choices or mistakes it's usually because I've talked myself into going against my intuition.

    Your intuition is like an inner GPS it can guide you to make right choices. People can lie and deceive you, but your intuition can guide you who to trust. It's never failed me yet