Should I text him?

I am dating this guy and it is a long distant relationship because he is overseas. We have hung out and been talking for a while now. But since he left we have only communicated once. He has not texted me beacause he is always busy or he does not have connection. I really want to talk to him because i teally like him and i do not want him to think that i stopped carring about him or that i am mad at him something. I want to text him just to see how he is doing but i do not want to seem like i am being too clingy to him. It seems to me that when i text him he doesn't care because whatever i say he will give me one word answers and it makes me mad because i think that i am boring he. He is probably busy working and i do not want to be a distraction, but i really want to talk to him. Advice?


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  • No matter how busy someone is they'll make the time for you. People sacrifice their time for those who matter to them.

    Long-distance relationships need a lot of effort put in from both people, or it won't last.

    Considering you are long-distance and don't get to chat or text much I'd assume he's indifferent towards you due to the lack of contact and short responses. That would frustrate me too much. So I'd need to end it.

    Life's too short to waste it on people who don't have a place in their life reserved just for you. It only takes seconds to text someone to let you know they are thinking about you, and care about you.

    Why waste your time on a guy who won't give you his time. People who genuinely want you to be part of their life will make an obvious effort to put you in it. If you mean something to him he'll go out of his way to show it , if not he'll make an excuse.

  • If he isn't contacting you, it's because he just doesn't care to make the effort. Stop holding onto what you want that relationship to be, and accept what it is, which is nothing. You live in different countries, barely communicate, what kind of fulfillment is that? I suggest putting your energy into making connections with people closer to you.

  • sorry to tell you this but if he ain't interested you can't change that