Is an abuse victim still affected even when they don't remember the event?

I heard someone at my workplace telling this story of a young girl sexually abused at a very early age.
The sick lowlife got locked up and the girl grew up not having any recollection of that horrible event. It was something her family didn't want to tell her. She still found out about it after finishing college.
I'm wondering if that poor girl still got affected during that whole time she didn't remember. Doesn't it still impacts the child?

Additional info: the girl is upset that no one told her about it.


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  • Yeah but maybe just a little bit


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  • That's a hard one to answer, having never been sexually assaulted myself. I would think that if she had absolutely no recollection of it that it wouldn't have much of an effect, but maybe finding out about it would.
    Also, depending on her age, maybe it is one of those things where you remember glimpses of it, but it all comes back when you hear the story.
    Other than that, I don't really know.


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  • I'm sure it does, they just probably don't understand what is going on.

  • It still can impact a child, whether they remember or not.