Would this be crossing the line?

I have been seeing this guy for 2 1/2 years and his mom just died, she was sick the whole time I've known him so meeting his parents was never brought up and I didn't push for it because I knew she was sick and felt it to be rude to try and meet her when she's sick and not doing well. I want to get him something like a memorial and I have things picked out and what not but I sorta want to get her name and birth and death date on it and would also like to do something with a picture. The thing is he doesn't know her exact birthday and never told me and I've only seen a few pics of her on his phone so in order to get that info I would have looked it up online and saw her obituary and the picture I want of her is one he posted in the comments in the obituary online, even though she was sick the picture I like she looks so happy and excited, that's how I want him to remember her. The last gift I have him he tells me all the time is his absolute favorite and so I sorta wanna do something for him for his mom but I feel like a creeper due to the way I have to find the items. He told me the obituary was online and he posted pics and stuff so I guess since he told me it was there it sorta makes it not as creepy but I still feel like a creeper.


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  • It sounds like your intentions are good and this guy obviously knows you care about him a lot, I say go for it.


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  • I think it's a really sweat gesture if he has friends ask them for help in when her bday is. And does he have siblings? You can get them to help you out too.