Would you mind sharing a funny common sayin from your zone and explain the meaning?

Here it is mine:
"Il cetriolo finisce sempre in culo all'ortolano."
Translation: "The cucumber will always end in the ass of the greengrocer."

Basically it means that when you are a good and honest person someone will use you.


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  • My grandma used to say "En boca cerrada no entran moscas" > "In a closed mouth no flies will enter" it's a warning/advice to not speak ill or speak too much

    • I can't keep myself from getting surprised by how easily understandable Spanish is even without having studied it for a single day of my like.
      Nice one, though :)

    • I know, I feel the same about italian mostly bc my nonnos speak it sometimes ma il non parlo l'italiano because they're not patient enough to teach me lol

    • Don't worry, unless you want to start studying it for your personal passion or to meet some distant relatives here you won't need Italian at all anyway in your life :D

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  • In English. You go into the woods and "Chop a tree down". If you want logs, you then "Chop a tree up".

    Where I live in the UK, there is a saying, "Mind how you go coming back".


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