So I just learned from a video about labrats that they used to use rats from this one particualr sport. Do you think this qualifies as animal abuse?

So does that sport with the dog qualify as animal abuse, or is it the same as a hotdog eating competition?


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  • I'll be a horrible horrible person and just say, I don't care at all. I hate mice and rats and they have been responsible for the deaths of so many humans.

    • well you shouldn't blame a group as a whole for the actions of a few. that's the same mistake that the guy who killed the cops made #coplivesmatter

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    • Actually only fleas have been the reason which were the ones that carried the black plague. Yes they lived on rats but the rats came from China.

    • Not ever rat has killed someone, and not every cop is racist (I'm pretty sure *most* cops aen't racist).

  • Yes and we should just test this stuff on humans that volunteer. Since this stuff is meant to benefit us and us alone.

    • I know which would mean humans would probably just die out due too nobody wanting to really sign up for it. So we get what we deserve.

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    • Okay, but you could look at the thing with a dog as it simply being akin to one of those contests some restaurants have where they resent you with a giant pizza or burger and see if you can eat it before the clock counts down.

    • Still those people put those rats there to be killed for enjoyment. I doubt any human would be happy watching other humans being gathered to see how fast another animal could eat them.

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