What were the "Wrong Turn" movies supposed to convey?

for those who don't know what the wrong turn sextuplet (six in all), it's about a trio of brothers who are disfigured and turn in to cannibals. I saw the first one because it's got Eliza Dushku in it (I used to know her personally) and have been trying to watch more of the things she's been in. But Syfy was showing the second and the third one the past two days. I tried watching the third one a little bit and I even recorded it in case I decide to try and finish it (i really can't tolerate horrors). In one of the movies (i think the fourth one, i could be wrong though), they actually give us background info on how the brothers became disfigured and cannibalistic but i haven't seen that particular movie. For those who have and or for those who want to see it, i'm wondering what the movies are trying to convey, what is the point of them, other than to scare us of course.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


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  • the undeniable truth tht all of mankind is--at our core--savage beasts. given the right circumstances.


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  • Pretty tame gross-out shock horror.

  • Money grubbing. No other reason to most horror films.

    • *JUMP SCARE* I really got you with that one. It took a team of highly 'skilled' writers to time that just right.

    • @posted More or less. More of more than less.

  • It's an updated adaptation of Jonah and the whale. The moral of the story is that if you make the wrong choice, your ass is gonna get ate.
    Didn't know you where watching some Bible shit, did you?