Would you rather jump into?

My abstract mind is hungry, feed me

  • A large dark hole on the earths surface that leads only but down?Would you rather jump into?
    0% (0)43% (3)16% (3)Vote
  • Into a black hole where you don't know the outcome of your final destination Would you rather jump into?
    92% (11)43% (3)74% (14)Vote
  • Up a elephants bumWould you rather jump into?
    8% (1)14% (1)10% (2)Vote
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All the people picking the black hole it leads to the elephants bum


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What Girls Said 1

  • Uhhhh, I suppose Option B. o_O

    • Your warp leads to Hawaii where your sun bathing your hot body and drinking piƱa colada while on GaG telling me how much more happier you were making that decision😉

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    • Haha. You look like a pirate?

    • No I wish, I just love living like one. Land pirate at least, rolling in my Mitsubishi and living out on the road

What Guys Said 1

  • B because a huge ass sinkhole will likely kill you and if I want to be crushed by gravity a black hole seems more fun. Plus I'll be remember as "that guy who was the first to? die? in a black hole!