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Do Latina girls like white guys?

i know that black girls, white girls, and Asian girls do find white men attractive, but I was wondering what Latina girls think of White men? would... Show More

i know that you can't group people together, I'm just trying to get an idea of what Latinas think about white men in general. good or bad

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  • oooookkk, well I don't know if I can really speak for Latinas cause I'm part, but where I live most of the guys go for the Latinas, and yeah the Latnias love white men, especially the muscley blondes. their delicious!

  • you can't generalize entire races like that. some latinas will date a white guy and some wont. just like some girls of the other races you listed will date a white guy and some wont. it depends. don't judge the girl by her ethnicity, that's the biggest way to turn a girl off, just go for her as an individual

    • Thanks for the tip! I need to try not to generalize people."just go for her as an individual" I like that :)

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