Have you been trough so much troubles in a short period of time that made you ask this ("Why is this happening to me"?)?

Please narrate your story if you wish to. I am all ears. :)


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  • Once upon a time there was a man we'll call Finn. Finn was faced with incredibly difficult situations, his mother was dying of breast cancer and would pass within six months, his father who was ten years the senior of his mother was in the beginning stages of Alzheimer's, and the young twenty-three year old man was economically challenged and lost his scholarships due to not being serious enough about schooling.

    Despite suffering these he kept his head high and his chin level until things in his personal life began unraveling faster; debts that he hadn't paid on started creeping up again forcing him into bankruptcy and losing what little property (a trailer) he had. His girlfriend of course left him for someone who wasn't so hopeless. Due to being only partially educated when the economic downturn and he lost his already very basic job came he was unable to compete afterwards in the same field due to a lack of qualifications despite his experience.

    His head hung very low as time passed, his mother had two months left but really was fading faster already being almost constantly hospitalized and also in overwhelming pain, his father had progressed rapidly enough to no longer be able to live in his own home after some incidents involving his disease and previous PTSD from the war era which of course, at the time, was left untreated.

    Sinking further still when he did finally find a job he was living out of his car, had lost most of his possessions, and fundamentally was flipping burgers. He couldn't understand why this was happening to him and fundamentally thought his life was over and he would never come out of it.

    Then his mother died. When his mother died the funeral was strange as his father, who was erratic and unpredictable, had basically been committed to a dementia ward in a local nursing home and really wasn't capable of coming even though he would recognize what was really happening. So he stood, only son, no father, watching others bury his mother.

    His life didn't actually get better.

    The end! :D

    • Tell me thats not you?

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  • Yes, but I don't feel like discussing it all. It's just overwhelming.

    • I understand you. Better to brush it away.


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  • My first wife left me, my father died, I moved to a different city, I changed jobs getting a lower salary and graduated all in the same month. I thought I'd go insane.
    But I understood that God is good all the time and I only needed to hold on to the facts: That he had only the best intentions for me. After a few stormy years things worked out.

    • I am very sorry to hear your story. All in one month!!! Even I'd have thought the same. Going insane. You are a brave heart :)
      I hope you are doing good now?

  • Had it happen but no not really, shit happens life sucks sometimes.

    • Life sucks sometimes!!! keeps on sucking other times. haha

  • I've been through a lot in my life but I never ask "why me?" because I believe doing that and complaining is a complete waist of time and it distracts you from dealing with whatever you're going through

    • Totally true. Its just emotions that wash over me sometimes.

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  • Yep, I got sick.

  • Oh definitely, quite frequently actually, but I can't be bothered to explain the whole thing here

    • I hope you came out of it now?

    • It comes and goes but at the moment I'm fine

    • Its like a stupid wheel. One side up other down. each after the other. Just sometimes the water reaches at throat level.