What is a trip to the gynecologists office like?

What do they do? Do healthy girls go?

What's a day in the life of a gynecologist? Is it gross?


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  • Yes, healthy girls go. I have to get my yearly checkup every year to get my birth control.

    The yearly pap smear is very uncomfortable and sometimes painful. The rest of the appointment is usually fine, though nowhere near feeling good or pleasurable.

  • Do healthy girls go? If your female you go. Whats it like.. kinda scary.. im always afraid of bad news.

    • What do they do there? And why do you go if you're healthy?

    • You go for a check up. They check your vagina , swap for tests. Check your abdomen and sometimes boobs for lumps.

    • What do they stick in there? Does it feel good? Is the doctor ever a male?

  • Dont know, never been.

    • Eww gross

    • Most doctors don't make you go unless you're over 21, or sexually active. Just because she doesn't go doesn't mean she's unhealthy.

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