Do you believe in stuff like casting an eye on someone?

for those who don't know what i mean it's when people envy you or are jealous of you because of something, leaving comments or simply thinking about it, it doesn't matter whether it is a good thing or bad thing they say/think.

I get a looooot of compliments because i am middle eastern with dark hair and blue/green/grey eyes. random people often ask me if i wear contacts or how much they'd love to have my eye colour or simply just compliment me and my friends or classmates do it all the time as well sometimes people just look at me and say stuff like ''she's definetly wearing contacts'' or ''they look so fake''

anyway, i can't see anything without glasses or contacts (non colored of course) and the past three days i got so many compliments or stares from people and my mom also send family members pictures of me today they told her how beautiful my eyes were blabla and now my eye is swollen and hurts really really bad and my eye sight got so worse the past years and i start to believe in that stuff.

i'm so happy when i get compliments but it just scares me right now.

what do you think?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Nope I don't worry about that kind of stuff, I mean I get a lot of compliments as well about my hair from gals when it's longer as I have like the curliest hair you ever saw, and my jaw and I just take them for what they are, compliments and move on with my day.

    I don't worry about jealous people, because I mean why bother? someone is always going to be jealous of something they don't have, maybe it's your looks, maybe family a personal item you may own, whatever, point is there's nothing you can really do about it. So don't fixate on it.


What Girls Said 2

  • I don't believe in that stuff. Eyesight gets worse as you get older, and maybe you're allergic to something for it to be swollen.

  • I don't believe in such things.