Someone Cheer me up?

I just played D&D with someone who threw out racial slurs like they were candy and was just a completely unpleasant individual


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  • What character did he play. I bet it was a dwarf fighter with a hammer and chain mail like every other shitty dude roleplayer. You should play a drow and keep demeaning him about his inferiority to your people. Get the DM to do a plot arc where you all have to go into a cave with no torches and as a drow yr the only one who can see and they have to rely on you, and you keep holding out yr power over the shitty racist dwarf character and make him do humiliating things

    Why was he invited?

    • He wasn't invited, someone who plays just decided, Hey I need a ride and he has a car.
      Fuck I already didn't like the asshole who decided to bring him but now I fucking hate him and his racist friend

    • Omg Laura XD This is a good plan!

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  • Little Timmy went to a brothel. Behind him, he dragged a dead frog on a string. He walks up to the nearest employee and says "I'd like to sleep with one of your girls today."

    "Sure kid, do you have any preferences?" The employee replied.

    "Yes.. I'd like to sleep with which ever girl has the most diseases."

    Shocked, the employee simply says. "Alrighty, kid. Whatever you want!"

    So, little Timmy runs off with his newly appointed date and does not return for quite some time.

    Upon Timmy's return, the employee stops him and says "Hey, you. I have to ask; why did you want only our most diseased girl?"

    "Well," Timmy starts, "Tonight, when I go home my babysitter will come over. My babysitter will touch me and she'll get the diseases. Then Daddy will come home and sleep with the babysitter and he'll get the diseases. Then, Mommy will come home and the babysitter will leave and my parents will sleep with each other, giving Mommy the diseases. Then tomorrow, when Daddy leaves for work before Mommy, the milkman will come and sleep with Mommy and he'll get the diseases.

    And that's the fucker who ran over my frog.


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