Push up bra VS regular bra? On small/average sized boobs?

For girls with average to smaller boobs.. Guys, do you prefer they wear push up bras or do you prefer regular bras?

Small boobs with regular bra
Push up bra  VS regular bra? On small/average sized boobs?

Small boobs with push up bra

Not talking about girls with big boobs.

Girls with smaller boobs, do you prefer when they wear push-up bras or rather have them wear regular bras?

so imagine your girlfriend has small boobs. Which one would you prefer she wears? Push-up bra or regular?

  • Girls with small boobs should wear regular bras
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  • Girls with small boobs are better with push up bras
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  • Girls with small boobs are better with push up bras

    • What about when she takes it off, or you take it off? Is it disappointing?

Most Helpful Girl

  • I've only ever seen girls with small boobs wear push up bras... or no bras. xD

    • Lol ok? I'm asking what guys prefer though. Because I think guys say they don't like to be "deceived", yet if they actually had a girlfriend with small boobs, I'm inclined to think they would rather have them wear a push up. Because they already know they are small, thus it wouldn't be deceiving.. but the visual turns them on or at least is aesthetically pleasing to their eyes.

      So curious to know if my theory is on point. Lol

    • Oh, I wouldn't think about it too much... they have no idea half of the time what they're loking at (push up or not). As long as there are boobs... they don't care what they look like.

      But I would presume they'd like their girl to wear a push up if they're the type to show off their girlfriend, but if not, they'd prefer a normal bra...


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What Guys Said 3

  • I wouldn't trust someone who uses a push up. I'd wonder what else whe is pretending to be...

    • But you wouldn't mind if the padding was inserted into her skin... Are you saying that girls with silicon are hiding something and you'd be wondering what else they are pretending to be? Because it's the same thing. They too have small boobs with the difference that they either had more courage or more money to actually put the padding in their flesh and sew it tight. You wouldn't think twice about her fake boobs I bet.

    • Yes, once I found out it was silicone, or whatever they are using these days. I'd then feel the same way

    • Plus, girls with small breasts have one advantage: They can wear revealing, blouses that show their brassieres, since it doesn't look flashy or garish as it does on the well endowed girls.

      It just looks cute

  • I'd say girls with smaller busts should wear a bra with good, firm support. I don't have a problem with them wearing push-up bras as long as they don't show THAT kind of cleavage (down the middle).
    Sports bras FTW

    • What do you mean exactly by down the middle? What type of cleavage?

    • Like the one shown in the pic where the cleavage goes all the way down. Not my kind of push-up bra.

  • Wear a regular one... Thinner material especially. more attractive.


What Girls Said 2

  • I only wear regular bras. I've tried push-up bras but it wasn't for me.

  • I mean they wouldn't even know. a lot of bras like VS has like 3 inches of padding they wouldn't know lol.