Guys, what is the difference between a girl that is cute and a girl that is hot? Which one do u like better?


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  • A hot girl is someone who has a lot of sex appeal. However, a girl can appear "trashy" if she flaunts it too much. In other words, its hard to look hot without looking trashy. A lot of guys consider them one night stand material.

    A cute girl is someone you find attractive without necessarily having a lot of sex appeal. They usually seem more "innocent" to us. A lot of guys consider them girlfriend material.

    Bear in mind that you can be both cute and hot by having a nice body, but being modest with it, and maintaining an innocent demeanor. These are the girls most guys go WILD for - both sexually and romantically.

    • Best answer right here! I just wanted to add that being cute or hot isn't permanent either. Someone who looks cute can become totally hot with the right style and vise versus.

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  • Cute girls don't know they're hot.

    • And I prefer cute girls, but unfortunately they get slammed by more meat than a butchers slab because they are so naive and insecure.

  • Hot girl obvio tall slim sexy

    • What makes a girl cute? What makes a girl hot?

    • A cute girl has this baby face is short and is alway sweet n kind and wears dresses n stuff normal cute vibes.. while hot girl is this sassy girl with High cheekbones long legs and wears cool jeans n t-shirts yea sexy kinda vibe

  • they all mean the same thing of attraction except of how a girl dresses and makes us feel about her, and her personality.