Why did this guy delete me and not this other girl?

He's getting married and he was looking at my pics and I told him he shouldn't be then he deleted me, but I was talking to another girl and she said he still looks at her pics now that he is married and didn't delete her.

  • He likes the girl better and finds her hot
  • He's playing that girl and you're lucky you escaped
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  • He may just feel more secure with her. Like, he feels he has less chances of being caught. Cheating peace of shit.


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  • Honestly this guy is getting married, so why does it matter? I personally wouldn't want a married guy trying to talk to me or look at my pics. To me that is just creepy. Creepy because he should be focusing on his upcoming marriage and not on some other girl.

    • I know but why is he obssessed with this other girl

    • I have no idea. All that I know is that sometimes guys will idolize a specific girl, perhaps he finds her attractive? But he is married so I have no idea why he is even checking out this other girl. I would personally feel better knowing this guy isn't going after you while being married. Not really the best way to treat your wife.


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  • >> I told him he shouldn't [...]

    Maybe she simply didn't tell him he shouldn't look at her pics?

    • But he blocked her before then added her back

    • Oh, no idea. There are so many possible reasons for him doing this, really hard to guess.

  • I. Don't. Know!

    • Fucks sake you're so annoying and unhelpful around here.

  • He's playing that girl and you're lucky you escaped

    • Or he blocked her, she missed him, he felt pity and added her back and op basically asked to be deleted and got deleted.

      Logical conclusion! Ok is sad she's dumb. Should ask for his love again.

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