Can a schitzohrenic who' born deaf still hear the voices in their head?

I've wondered this since I was a child.


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  • do any of us really hear "voices" in our heads? i don't. i think of words but i don't hear any voices.

    • I know not all of you do (In fact I'm surprised that my psychology textbook didn't even mention hearing voices)

    • the sense of hearing needs your ears and actual sound. do schizophrenics really "hear" voices or do they think of voices?


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  • Ehh, not all schizophrenic people hear voices anyway, it's more based on delusions - often paranoid ones - and other symptoms, though we often associate voices with it. Some deaf people with schizophrenia have reported seeing hands signing to them but I'm not sure how common that was, it's been a while since I studied it :P

    • That would be weird. a pair of hands appearing out of nowhere and flaping around.

    • No worse than most other schizophrenic delusions. Schizophrenia is characterised by the person having delusions and they're usually horrific. They aren't all scary but lots of them are and I've heard of people talking about how they see insects all over them or dead body parts everywhere or holes in the floors with things coming out of them, it's pretty terrifying. The hands are nothing compared to much of that :P

  • Schizophrenic*

    I don't think one has to do with the other.

  • "schitzohrenic"

    I've never seen bigger disaster of a word in all my life


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