I have a moral crisis, help please?

So I'm very confused on what I should do. Tomorrow is the midnight release of the eighth book from one of my favorite book series on the planet. My best friend and I have been planning to go to the midnight release party since the announcement, down to our costumes. I've reminded my parents every day (exaggerated) about the release party, and they certainly have listened. But a few days ago my mother announced that my sister and I have to visit our grandparents over the weekend. Coincidentally, that happens to be on the same weekend as the release party. I told her that I couldn't go, and she said that it was fine. Except, my grandfather is getting surgery sometime next week, and my sister and I would visit him before. I'm worried that my grandparents will hate me if I go to the release party (that I have made clear I am going to for ages now!), or that my grandfather will die, and I'll be at Barnes and Noble.


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  • You're very young, but clearly a thinking person that you recognize your dilemma. Ultimately only you can make this choice, and only can balance the risks against each other. Make a list of positives and negatives for each choice along with the risks ad rewards. This will help you see the problems more rationally.

    • Thank you for this great advice. I'll definitely do that!

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    • I'd love to hear your reaction to it. It's not so much about the people of the HP universe as it is about the concepts, so it's kind of intellectual rather than personality based, but I think it's tremendously well written. Good luck.

    • Thanks! I'm reading the first bit, and it's immensely good :D


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  • No offense but... what's so cool about a book release? I've never quite understood these weird people who go to the shop in the middle of the night just to be the very first to buy it. It doesn't really make sense. I mean... you can go to the store in a week or in a month and I promise you it'll still be there. I really love Harry Potter (I grew up with him basically, we were always about the same age) but I would've never gone to the book store at midnight just to fight myself through the crowds. I just went to the store a few days later and I always got a copy without any troubles.

    • I don't know it's kind of cool to know that you're one of the first to get the book.

  • I say go. You obviously care more about the stupid book series than your grandparents so visiting them probably won't make much difference.

    • Wow, thanks for making assumptions about my life, despite you not knowing me. I literally see them multiple times every month because they live 2 hours away from me. Stop drawing conclusions so quickly.

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    • That's a bit awkward, because obviously I do or there wouldn't be a problem...

    • You care about what they think.

      That's different darling.

  • you can't always do what you want to do.

    see your grandparents... and deal with it.

  • You're a teenager.

    Grown ups expect teenagers to be selfish and self-centred. It's okay. They still love you.


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  • Something I regret to this day was not going to see my pop before he had passed away. He had suffered emphysema for so many years and got ammonia and was admitted to hospital.
    I had the opportunity to go and see him in hospital he was supposed to be released two days later but I said i will wait until he comes home to go and see him, unfourtunatly he passed away that night in the hospital and I never had the chance to say goodbye.
    I had gone and seen my other pop years before when he had heart surgery which he made it through but I'm still glad that I went to see him.
    The truth is you never know how much time someone has left so it is best to see the people you love while they are still around. Just think of how you would feel if you didn't go to see him and he passes.
    I get that this is something that you have been looking forward to but you can't go back once you have made your choice and it may be something you truly regret if something happens to him.

  • Well I could imagine that you definitely don't want to miss out on a Harry Potter release, just pick which ever one you think you'll least regret.

    You'll be fine as long as you don't turn to the back of the book and spoil the ending for everyone at the queue.